A. Tyre Retread and Tyre Repair Related Product

    - Camelback Rubber Compound
      (kompon karet untuk proses vulkanisir ban)
    - Precured Tread Kiner
      (Karet untuk proses vulkanisir ban sistem dingin)
    - Cushion Gum
    - Extrudes Rope Rubber
      (Untuk type repairing and tyre retreading)
    - Orbitread Rubber Compound
    - Head Pad Rubber Compound
      (untuk repairing heating pad)
    - Side Wall Veneer
      (Kompon Tipisan)

B. Engineered Technical Rubber

    - Oil Seal
    - Rubber Roller
    - Suction Cup (Pneumatic Accesories Parts)
    - Conical Bonded Rubber Spring (Railway vehicle Application)
    - Journal Spring (Railway vehicle Application)
    - Rubber Butter (Railway vehicle Application)
    - Grease Seal (Railway vehicle Application)
    - Flexibel Coupling (Railway vehicle Application)
    - Brake Cylinder Cup Seal (Railway vehicle Application)
    - Castable Polyurethane Product
    - Etc


(1. Conical Bonded Rubber Spring K8)  (2. Rubber Coupler KRL)  (3. Rubber Jornal Spring)  (4. Conical Bonded Rubber Spring K9)

(5. Bushing Anchor) (6. Rubber Draft Gear) (7. Cheat Cable) (8. Membran BC) 

(9. Membran BC 10") (10.Tutup Perseneling) (11.Rubber Block K3) (12.Roda Forklift PU) 

 (13.Grease seal) (14.Mount suspension CC201) (15.Roller PU) (16.Sidebearer miner)

 (17.Spiral rubber cover) (18.Rubber cups membrane) (19.Suction cups) (20. Rubber journal spring)

 (21.Rubber draft gear K3) (22.Rubber buffer) (23.Rubber side bearer) (24.Rubber airintake Hino)

(25.Rubber axle spring) (26.Kaeser rubber joint/coupling) (27.Rubber screener) (28.Gear box rubber coupler)